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Top 5 digital marketing tools

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are you running a business? Are you looking to drive your business more prominently? Are you unsure of how to go about it? Well, we can tell you how. Social Networking, Micro-blogging, sharing videos/photos, sending mailers etc. there are different ways to market your product or service. But some serious and concentrated efforts are required to really bring in traffic to your website. With myriad marketing tools available online it is normal to feel puzzled. Besides, trying and testing each tool can be time-consuming and tedious; it would also give a dent to your pocket. However, it is still a good idea to experiment with a few tools to determine which one gives the best results. Caution: Going ahead with one tool without much thought just because it worked well for an acquaintance and then shifting to the other because the first one failed to give the desired results could prove unnerving.


Now let’s run you through a series of digital marketing tools that you could use to enhance your business prospects:


Google Search Console: Google Search Console will aid you in gauging the performance of your website and its search traffic. It could also mend some issues. All in all, this tool could prove really useful in ensuring that your website stands out in Google Search results.


Google Analytics: Google Analytics has got something in it that makes it a favourite amongst its users. With so many such programs that help in keeping a track of the visitors to your website and the search that they perform Google Analytics surpasses all expectations. It helps in interpreting the data collected and in turn understanding the viewers, what they are doing on the website, the source from which these viewers are coming and the content that these viewers find most interesting. Marketing strategies can be then formulated based on these interpretations thus helping the business flourish.


HootSuite: If you have an email marketing campaign in place and are targeting social media then this tool will certainly come in handy. Since social media marketing is an ongoing process, regular updates need to be floated to stay in action. HootSuite will, in that case, make things easier for you. You can schedule your updates, ask for approvals from your teammates or outright reject them via this tool.


All in One SEO Pack: The All in One SEO Pack is a well-liked tool. This WordPress plug-in is free and uncomplicated. The results one derives by using it helps in devising a sound strategy. Editing the SEO data can be mind-numbing but with adequate plug-ins, this job can be made trouble-free. Rather than surfing from one page to the other, changes can be made in a centralized fashion with the help of this tool.


SEMrush: Again this tool helps you in analyzing data; interpretations obtained from these analyses could aid in important decision-making. Whether you are new to the business world or heading towards establishing a strong foothold you cannot afford to neglect the pile of data that this and other similar tools provide you with. The icing on the cake is that it provides a list of your competitors and data associated with them in just one click. The top keywords and the traffic it managed to generate is also a great feature since it will give you an idea on whether you need to tweak your marketing strategy in any way.


A dedicated and diligent marketing professional who could take care of the digital marketing needs and ensure that the strategies are implemented appropriately is the need of the hour for any business, sector or industry. This professional should be adept at using the tools mentioned above. Only knowing these tools is one thing and actually understanding them deeply and utilizing them astutely is another. Remember, that it is only data interpretation that will help you sail through in this era of fierce competition. If you wish to stay ahead of the competition you ought to squeeze these tools as much as you can.


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