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When I was searching for Laptop I found everywhere two or three kind of Laptops and PCs.  When I inquired deeply it's operating system was different and it's apps were also. Searching through mobile and computers I got some comes in cheap and some come in less cost but some came on the screen in very high cost. So I will tell about the all.  Linux : Linux laptops come in very cheap price. It has free and opensource operating system that is why its less sellable laptop but it's very secure laptop. Mostly softwares can be develop on these laptops with has less apps in stores.  Windows: When Microsoft came in front of the world. People got surprised because it had very useful apps as product in operating system and it was available in very less price. Mostly children and normal consumer use these laptops.  Apple Mac: Mac is first computer in the world and it's usable for high level product development. It's costly laptop and pcs. It's software and app


We are Announcing something interesting for everyone on  Colleague .  As we given some interesting knowledge to you through our Colleague App's Blog.  Now we are expanding this blog to sector wise knowledge blog.  Automobile will be our first knowledge based topic which will describe this sector in brief. 

How to recruit best talent for top level designations ?

Good evening.... We need to discuss today the decisions for the top level executives and hiring them. Love the movie : Movie means in corporate world is hiring process. You need to love this process, doesn't matter you are applicant or HR. Follow Instagram : So you will ask , why this ? I will say that a face define a life not lifestyle and their bio define the work but if they publish negative bio remove them from job. First ask from them that if you will public your bio on instagram bio or not. if they say that no, hire for manager role. if they say yes, hire them for VP role.  Why Manager role ? Because they can love the executive below them. They are down to earth. Why VP role ? Because They love to keep secret the life if they keep the bio as private. Just Hire and send everyone on training for your company expertise area, if they fail to do training why you hired them. Resign and give a New CEO to your Boss.

Life is a personality - Career is a personality development

 Sometimes I thought about my career when I was growing, very soon I realized that it is very big pain in the head and I knew that Career is just a choice for personality development. Once An old man was going on railway station to buy a flower which was rose and everyone was selling rose in that crowd except him so he went to a girl and that girl said pay me first because I don't have  money to buy Rose. He was also like Kid with old age and he bought the Rose and She got married with him and she told that she has just one rose and she is proposing him. He said what do you mean by propose. She said Home affairs and He said Okay you want to be wife. She said Yes. and She got the Job  and He became Boss. So If you meet someone first in any person while work related issue say Hello Boss with Confidence. and He or She will say Thanks Buddy.

Colleague can remove your jobless personalities.

As you know that a person is known as colleague when he or she works with you.  I wants to discuss today what a colleague can contribute in your personalities. Here are the points: Self emloyment: It's not job creation personality.Every visionary employed person can advice you a great quality skill that can contribute in your job.  Roaming life: if any colleague did office politics you will roam eventwhere in the region of your job giver.  Thinking skill: thinking has two quality. It can be bad or good both but I love Means a colleague mean to check as a colleague. 

Non - Tech Role Hiring

So we will discuss Non-tech role career growth now.  Management Role : If you want growth in managment roles then you have to be casual (Like Dress ethics, talk ethics, behavior ethics ) according 2023 and it will attract more employees to you and they will vote in your favor. Operation Role : Operational Role is very difficult role and you have to be very discipilined then you will get growth in career and you should make good behavior with your manager or as a friend. 

Which course can help you as career growth?

First of all We want to make you learn about those courses which can grow your career through skill sets.  Tech Role Career If you want to join a tech course for tech role then its waste of money because already there are many approx all courses available on YouTube.  Only companies in India like countries wants to hire tech degree holders and they don't check alot about skill-sets So you will say what the hell is skill - sets.  Skill sets called as jobseekers Or employees who has quality of doing work for that they appointed.    In hard evening we will discuss on this article. 

When to do hiring?

So you read in past about hiring processes now I will make you learn about when to do hiring ? Mostly people hire freshers who are newly graduate but they joins starting roles like trainee.  We don't have data but according our analysis 10-20% hiring manager hires in November and which is for middle job roles.  Approx 20% hiring manager hire in February which is for high designation job roles.  Approx 60% hiring manager hire in Jan roles like CEO and it's not single hiring executive level test so Hiring Manager gets the CEO or promote someone as CEO then test then hire them in August with fresher and they hire freshers.  Thank you wait for next ❤❤❤❤