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When I was searching for Laptop I found everywhere two or three kind of Laptops and PCs.  When I inquired deeply it's operating system was different and it's apps were also. Searching through mobile and computers I got some comes in cheap and some come in less cost but some came on the screen in very high cost. So I will tell about the all.  Linux : Linux laptops come in very cheap price. It has free and opensource operating system that is why its less sellable laptop but it's very secure laptop. Mostly softwares can be develop on these laptops with has less apps in stores.  Windows: When Microsoft came in front of the world. People got surprised because it had very useful apps as product in operating system and it was available in very less price. Mostly children and normal consumer use these laptops.  Apple Mac: Mac is first computer in the world and it's usable for high level product development. It's costly laptop and pcs. It's software and app

Fuel Based Automobile Break?

wow !! We knew about without fuel automobile break, Now we will know about fuel based break. Bike Break : Above Image defines a fuel based break of 2-wheeler. It can control front round wheel and if we want to control Back wheel then we need to use legs to press another break. Travel Based Vehicle Brake: This kind a vehicle system has leg based brake and it controls all wheel of vehicle.