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7 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Reading Time: 5 minutes

7 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Some of the time you simply are in the state of mind to have a ton of fun or trick your friends by changing your voice, particularly when you get another telephone number. Indeed, we have all attempted this at one point in our lives and it hasn’t generally been a gigantic achievement. What’s more, the straightforward explanation behind it clearly is our lacking voice regulation abilities. Yet, don’t stress, we’re here to help and you’ll before long be familiar with probably the best voice changer applications so you can fittingly trick companions and get those snickers in.

All things considered, the Play Store and App Store are overwhelmed with various voice changer applications, so experiencing every one of them to locate the ideal one may be an issue. We have tried the applications for you and here’s a rundown of the 7 best voice changer applications for Android and iOS:

Voice Changer Apps Are Super Fun!

1. Voice Changer with Effects

In case you’re searching for a completely highlighted and useful voice changer application that gives you a chance to pick between Batman, just as Darth Vader, at that point Voice Change with Effects is the thing that you’ve been searching for. You can basically record an expression or sentence and afterward pick the impact you need to apply over it. Not just that, you can even import a pre-recorded sound and make voice utilizing content, which can come in very helpful.

voice changer with impacts

This voice changer application incorporates around 40 diverse voice impacts, going from a youngster or fallen angel to singing chipmunks or a boozer and I adore the assortment. Be that as it may, you can watch video advertisements or get the application’s without promotion form to open 5 new voice impacts. The adjusted accounts can be specifically shared on WhatsApp and Facebook – might be with a picture to help the giggles.

Download (Free with in-application buys, Android)

2. Voice Changer Plus

On the off chance that you’re searching for a comparable option for iOS gadgets, Voice Changer is most likely a standout amongst the best alternatives out there. This voice changer application has a perfect and simple to-utilize UI with access to various diverse audio cues, for example, reverberate, robot, mosquito, and my top choice, Bane. Better believe it, the boss covered reprobate from The Dark Knight, you can seem like him utilizing Voice Changer Plus.

voice changer in addition to ios

That is not all however. You can import your nearby sound chronicles, change how they sound and offer them with companions. The feature of this application, in any case, is that enables you to trim recorded clasps to make them fresh and more interesting, however this element expects you to spend $1.99 for the full form. It will likewise empower you to make ringtones and add photograph or recordings to your balanced sounds.

Download (Free with in-application buys, iOS)

3. AndroidRock’s Voice Changer

All things considered, this voice changer application from the engineer AndroidRock may shake an old-ish UI and come weighed down with advertisements, however you can manage it just for the plenty of voice impacts (45+) which are accessible here. You can change your voice to that of a robot, martian, goliath, and furthermore submerged and affected by helium. You can basically record sound, tune in to the diverse impacts and afterward spare or offer the ones you like.

androidrock voice changer

The separating component of this voice changer application should be audio effect combos like robot+duck or robot+accelerate on offer here. A portion of these combos are bolted yet you can look at them by viewing a video advertisement, which is without a doubt advocated and you don’t have to spend cash for a Pro form.

Download (Free, Android)

4. Big name Voice Changer

Since recordings are currently more well known than content and sound mediums, there’s a decent shot you’re searching for a voice changer application which has video recording capacities with audio effects. All things considered, the Celebrity Voice Changer application lets you simply do that. You can record your recordings in the voice of Obama, Trump, Hulk Hogan, Stephen Hawking, and a lot more and watch recordings recorded by different also.

VIP voice changer

This is a standout amongst the best voice changer applications I have gone over as of late yet there are various limitations here. The application is accessible just on iOS, not all voice impacts are opened, and require a powerful (like extremely weighty!) membership. The most irritating of all would, nonetheless, must be the constrained convenience. You can utilize the application once every moment when you haven’t grabbed a membership.

Download (Free with memberships beginning at $9.99/week, iOS)

5. VoiceFX

Like other mainstream voice changer applications, VoiceFX is additionally intended to offer you the absolute most prominent audio effects, for example, chipmunks, robot, beast, intoxicated, and more to idiot proof the experience. The application has straightforward and stretches out a moderate interface to clients, with a solitary screen which houses both the account and impacts. You can either record your voice or transfer music to layer that with audio effects as well.

The feature highlight of VoiceFX will, nonetheless, must be the live playback and voice spilling choices (available in any program through a URL) that enables the clients to hear how the impact will influence the chronicle. You can consistently switch between all impacts to see the enchantment, which can be additionally improved by opening more impacts for $2.99.

Download (Free with in-application buys, Android)

6. Voice Changer Calls Record-er

Going for a walk in front of voice changer impacts, you could be searching for applications which adds foundation audio effects to sound accounts also. The Voice Changer Call Record-er application empowers you to do both. You can not just apply audio cues for a phantom, robot, kid, and more to your voice yet in addition include ‘scene impacts resembles wheezing, waterdrops, and shower among others to it too.

voice changer guest iOS

The interface of the application is quite easy to utilize and it even offers cutting devices to alter recorded sound clasps on the fly, which is a decent expansion. The feature include, in any case, would need to be the capacity to add custom impacts to the application and can enable you to additionally enhance your prankster rank.

Download (Free with a $1.99 Pro overhaul, iOS)

7. Super Voice

Is it true that you are the greatest superhuman fan? Or on the other hand do you watch a boatload of enlivened motion pictures? Okay need to sound simply like one of your most loved characters? At that point, Super Voice is unquestionably the application that ought to fulfill your hankering. It gives you a chance to record yourself as Marvel’s Avengers, Minions, Baby Groot, Optimus Prime, and progressively mainstream vivified personas.

super voice – voice changer application

While the application is loaded down with advertisements, which get irritating once in a while, and the voice sounds somewhat automated more often than not, it’s absolutely a satisfying background. You can send over the entirety of your messages in Bruce Wayne’s scruffy voice or in the hesitant voice of Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

Download (Free, Android)

Reward: Snapchat

All things considered, don’t be astounded. Snapchat not just birthed the idea of Stories, which have now turned into Instagram’s meat and potatoes, yet in addition drove the pattern of face channels. You can put hound ears, princess tiaras, and more on yourself however did you know there are voice changer channels accessible inside the application as well?snapchat voice changer

Indeed, you can either swipe through the quantity of face channels to discover a voice changer channel, which are rare, or record a video and after that select between chipmunk, bear, robot, and outsider voices.

Download Snapchat (Free, Android and iOS)

7 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

On the off chance that you had been searching for your new most loved past time, well, you currently have a rundown of the best voice changer applications which should keep you connected for some time. It will be fun playing around with voice impacts, I can tell you that without a doubt, however the advertisements and unintuitive interface will be a mood killer. Which of the voice changer applications watch worth experimenting with to you? Tell us your opinions in the comment section given down below