the honest company: strategies and values with career life.

wonderful name can be a great business but the honest company is defining the success through word and work both.

career life: a career in the company is very important if you remains parmanent employee. the honest company has excitment level life in the office. Jobs are easy to get but life is not easy as its products.

values: a creation of the company defines some values. we analyse the success of this business when creativity doesn't work. thc's life is not easy because of revenue and its infrastructure but the customer base is true to them because good standing values towards thier products.

culture: friendship is important in this company and if you don't have good friends then you can go to interview there for jobs.


career life: 5/7

values: 10/12

culture: 6/9

Overall this company is a great ideated business but the ceo is very strict towards the employees.

career life rank is based on its employbilty process.

values are based on its research system.

culture is depend on its social system.