meta: performance and strategy with values towards an employee.

meta is the owner of  facebook, thread & instagram like apps and It has whatsapp as well but the strategy behind employee and their happiness is very great.

facebook was born in 2004 but the life came inside it in 2009-10 and team has been grew but the journey was not that much easy.

engineering- Facebook appointed a coder as CEO named Mark Zuckerberg but he was a basic coder in starting. The day came when facebook taken Messenger in the world and he is still the CEO. Meta became a very strict company according Techology later but the life of engineers in the company became awesome as well as.

It given React to the world which is a JavaScript framework. Giving reactjs was very hard for the inventor to them but they are maintaining very greatly.

management- Venture capital depend company and a succesfull public company but a false values towards management. In developing countries, Meta has 12 employee who are droppedout on college level but they are giving management for the company and growing it.

values- The value we analysed for this company and its a very lightful values. 

Loving the cartoons and stickers- Cartoons and Stickers are meta's weakness and its not that much good but people use it as its Cartoon Business.

engineering- 13/16
management- 14/16
values- 20/23

engineering score is based on 16 Top Engineer roles
management score is based on 16 Top Engineer Manager roles
values are depend on 23 employee from 1st.