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Yesterday was wrong, I had skills.

So I will explain the post title in this blog when the human was inventing the era, maybe something happened wrong so they got inspired through some practical needs and they started inventing interesting things. I will explain through story.

When Human was doing jobs in paper company, They got a interesting thing maybe which was machine, If it can generate numbers of paper then why its not counting as we are doing?

One science came in their life and which became calculator and it was interesting though I will not tell how calculator got invented and that is not my thing to tell but actually maybe it had a metallic drama and materialistic product concept.

Paper company got invented according wikipedia through King ruling and It has some earth level power because it gets mix in earth.

Human invented papers through earth based trees and It made to forget skills because people started using it to remember mostly things through papers.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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