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Popular product(s) can't be sell sometimes.

A girl was selling flower on the train station and one man came out from the train and asked that its very good flower but its very costly so the girl said actually its very famous.

The girl sold the flowers to him but how that I will tell?

The girl started crying and her eyes was tearful and the man asked that what happened?

Girl told that no one is buying it because its famous and I am happy that you said them good at-least. I liked your thoughts about flowers.

Man replied that Actually I am not something like flower and the man was President of his country. 
Girl thought that he is saying and symbolizing her as flower so she got anger and replied that do I look like them?

He smiled and said that I visited a country of flowers because of that I am favoring your country. girl smiled little bit but she controlled the emotion and asked him that do you want to buy them or not?

He said if you will give me all and he adopted all the child in that country which was very poor in economy but he got marry with that girl.

I already explained that the girl however controlled the emotion.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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