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Loving you as Administrator but got failed.

A girl was playing with the hair of his love and she wanted to share a secret but he was silent so she thought that he is thinking something important.
Boy shouted suddenly and said that help me. She knew that boy is very serious but he smiled and said I am in a job now where administration works so How I want to tell you?

When boy went on his first meeting with that girl in the starting, he was not that much sensitive that is why Girl liked him as funny boy but very soon he started applying job for the living and he joined administration area to do it.

He contacted some top officers but they didn't listen him and he wanted to clear that if they are that much honest so why they are not replying him?

He knew the reason and he first went to his love who was that girl then said make my hairs soft by hand so story starts here that she started it what he said.

He felt himself and shouted and then told girl about reason that why he shouted. He said a officer was doing the same one day as she is doing with him and He was A grade officer.

Girl asked how?

He told if he can control a woman administrator, he will be as well but girl replied she is not anything in this sector.

Boy replied that I am okay with your answer but one thing always remember and girl asked what I should?

Boy smiled and turn the head in no symbol and she knew it that an administrator needs to practice for no first if something is wrong according him.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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