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How to select candidate from group discussion?

I was surprised that HR's selection comes from group discussion by taking a rule that who will speak against everyone correctly, They can go for further clearence round.
What you need to do when some candidate are skilled and you couldn't select?
The life of recruiter works on the basis of selection for the employers but a wrong selection can destroy his career.
Here are the process for the group discussion(GD).

Create a topic which shouldn't surprised you and candidates: If you are creating a surprised topics in GD it means you are creating a funny discussion and you are aware for this. Recruiter's responsibilities should be a interesting method to generate more employments and skills in the companies. A topic which doesn't create group discussion is a foolish kind work.
GD topics should be according popular trends which can be suitable the candidates. It will be a great if you cleared the GD round as candidate by being a recruiter.

Salary Traction topic must be in GD: A salary traction topic must be in GD strategically. You can ask from them one by one but that is not good ethics as recruiter so appoint one candidate who is speaking against everyone to announce this topic that what should be our salary?

Winter shouldn't be that much while GD round:
A weather decide anyone's nature to speak. Ask their hostel's facility or confirm from college so they can perform more better to speak. Don't allow those who are not in same facility in a group.

Girl's life is not that much important: If you complain a girl shouldn't be in boy's group, you are correct. It means of-course you are giving everyone equal designation in your recruiter life. Don't try to involve yourself in boy's GD as female recruiter and that is not good ethic if you envolved.

So finally came on the selection and select who is speaking in favor against topics and going little bit away from the topics.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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