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Business analyst can explain technology.

One day a boy came to me and said his father is business analyst but he can't explain the data so how he got job?

I thought that he is enemy with his father and he is thinking that he has more knowledge than him but i needed to explain so he can understand at the age of 23.

I asked if you know Business, he said that yes I know. It means he has knowledge about every areas and I knew his intelligence through this answer.

I started telling him about analyst through a story. I started it and that is below.

One day a man was going through a critical situation in finance and he explained a boy that he has one idea if he can become employee as less salaried person.

Boy was poor so he accepted and he told that lets start. He answered one day after the work we need to analyze technology in this business.

Man told that I know but if you know it so please do.

Boy knew the technology after learning and he told he doesn't like it. Man answered let me do and he explained when I was analyst, I knew everything.

Boy asked how?

He told I went a school and college then university to hire but they loved to do job and I offered you job when you were selling toast near the road.

Then that boy who was angry with his father's knowledge said that means my father is business person that's what I wanted to know and I knew it.
Thank you.

So don't judge an analyst in interview.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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