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How to clear exam of Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science is a viable subject and it has different areas of topics but people think it's a very process to clear exam of Computer Science in Engineering degree.
So how and when to follow the process to clear your Computer Science Engineering?

Luck always doesn't work in Computer Science if you cleared it by using your hand then its your responsibility to go for further topics and get a great job according your current skill(s).

What you get in first year of College and how you can study so it will give you positive signal for further years of study?

First Year is the life of Physics and Data Structure, if you read Physics then you can clear any kind a Mathematics for further years in your Computer Science Engineering.
Try to solve Optical and Light's questions so your mind will be prepare for the Mathematics.

Second Year's life goes to some kind of programming and it's a miracle if you got and remembered any kind a operating system development Book.

Third Year's study wants dedication on Chemistry and you need to open your First year's Chemistry Book and study according your success in school life.

So came on Last Year's process to clear and you need to pass all the subjects together from starting but your problem shouldn't be study. It should be interest and skills.
Repeat and study with solving questions of all the subjects in Last year and get the mark to get the a great  career.

About the Author

Ujjwal Anurag is author and blogger who keeps interest in coding, business consulting, human resource consulting and love to write on tea.

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