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Life is a personality - Career is a personality development

Sometimes I thought about my career when I was growing, very soon I realized that it is very big pain in the head and I knew that Career is just a choice for personality development.

Once An old man was going on railway station to buy a flower which was rose and everyone was selling rose in that crowd except him so he went to a girl and that girl said pay me first because I don't have  money to buy Rose.

He was also like Kid with old age and he bought the Rose and She got married with him and she told that she has just one rose and she is proposing him.

He said what do you mean by propose. She said Home affairs and He said Okay you want to be wife.

She said Yes.

and She got the Job  and He became Boss.

So If you meet someone first in any person while work related issue say Hello Boss with Confidence.

and He or She will say Thanks Buddy.

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